SBone Hibiscus & Tuberose Refill (200ml)
Hibiscus & Tuberose Refill (200ml)

Hibiscus & Tuberose Refill (200ml)

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SBone Reed Diffuser Refills are made with the finest quality fragrances and offer an extremely effective way to fragrance your home and office every day.

Possess a pristine flavor with a calming effect on anger, agitation, dejection and sad emotions. Restore calmness in people and relieve them of various respiratory illnesses.

Carbitol (Diethyl Glycol Mono-ethyl Ether), vegetable derived ethanol, parfum (fragrance), neroli, peach skin, raspberry coulis, tuberose, black cherry sorbet, lilac, vintage voilet, sweet musk, orris, tolubalsam, vanilla bean.