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Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Easily Lead to Allergies 

Survey from Quality Evaluation Centre of the City University of Hong Kong found that, only 49% of responded H.K. resident have been satisfied with the home indoor air quality. ENT specialist said that poor indoor air quality will increase the risk of getting respiratory diseases and allergies, frequent use of air cleaners and household cleaning are effective in reducing allergens. 

The survey have selected 500 people aged 18, 67% of them expressed concern about the home indoor air quality; 86% know that poor indoor air quality will affect the body health,  83% of them think that they would cause respiratory disease, 15% said that they would lead to allergic reactions. Indoor air quality assessment experts said that smoking, smoke, painted furniture and pets will release harmful pollutants, causing the deterioration of indoor air quality, leading to health problems.

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Opening Windows May Have Opposite Effect

In addition, the survey shows that 92% of the respondents thinks that opening windows is a solution for improving air quality. However, if the outdoor air quality is worse than the indoor quality, then open windows will have the opposite effect.


Knowledge on Air-Revitalizer (Functions & Operations) 

Q:What is in the air you breath? 
A:If you are indoor, you are very likely to be breathing in one or more of these pollutants: 

  • House dust mites and animal dander 
  • Carbon Monoxide / formaldehyde / gas particles 
  • Toxic substances from aerosol cans / solvents / insecticide / hair spray 
  • Bacterial / viruses 
  • Tobacco smoke / decayed food / deposited dust 
  • Airborne pollen 


    Q:Does the SBone Air Revitalizer eliminate odors, like formaldehyde and tobacco smoke, etc.? 
    A:Yes! Together with the SBone Pure Essence, the SBone Air Revitalizer can effectively decompose and eliminate odors.


    Q:How long should the SBone Air Revitalizer be turned on?
    A:There is no limitation in the use of SBone Air Revitalizer (Model No.:649887). It can be turned on round-the-clock.


    Q:What is the most effective coverage of the SBone Air Revitalizer? (Model No.:649887) 
    A:The SBone™ Air Revitalizer works effectively within an enclosed space of 600sq.ft.


    Q:Where can the SBone Air Revitalizer be used?
    A:The SBone Revitalizing System can be used in any enclose space, such as hospital, office, school, restaurant, hair salon, karaoke, pet shop, home and car.


    Q:Can we achieve the same results if we use the SBone Air Revitalizer machine without using the SBone Pure Essences? 
    A:Absolutely not!


    Q:Do we need to change a filter for the SBoneT Air Revitalizer? 
    A:No, there is no need to change any filter for the SBone Air Revitalizer. All that needs to be done is to detach and wash the Spinning Shaft with clean water, then clean the surrounding parts with the wet and dry cloth. Cleaning once every month is recommended. 
    *Note: Do not submerge the top cover into water or wash it with running water!


    Q:What are the other advantages for using SBone Air Revitalizer in an enclosed place? 
    A:Together with the SBone Pure Essence, the SBone Air Revitalizer can increase humidity in the air, which is especially good for the skin in any air conditioning environment. It also slows down skin aging and allow people be aglow with health. 


    Different kinds of SBone Pure Essences serve different functions; each essence can fulfill each personal needs with different health conditions.