SBone Home Air Revitalizer

Home Air Revitalizer

  • $1,18000

Together with the SBone Pure Essence, the SBone Air Revitalizer can effectively decompose and dispel odors, increase humidity in the air - which is especially good for the skin in any air conditioning environments. It also helps to slow down skin aging and allow people to be aglow with health.

Electrical Specification of SBone Air Revitalizer (Model No: 649887)  

  • Operates on 220V AC at 50Hz 
  • Shaded motor with current consumption less than 0.15 amps
  • Speed of the motor approximately 2800 rpm
  • Motor has thermal fuse rated at 115°C to prevent overheating 

* SBone Air Revitalizer works effectively within an enclosed space of 700 sq.ft.